Q: Is there a class schedule and how do we get signed up? 
A:  Yes, an updated schedule can be found here. If you do not see the posted date when making a reservation, then that class is full.

Q: What’s the best age to start training?
A: We typically like to start the Beginner Obedience Group Classes around 12-16 weeks depending on 
breed and demeanor and after pups have completed all their vaccinations. 

Q: How long are the classes, do we meet on the same day?
A: Each Beginner Obedience class meets weekly on the same day & time as your start date for 5 weeks.

Q: Where are the classes located?
A: We have two training locations: Fido's World (1612 Skelton Rd - Gainesville, Ga) 
and Happy Dogs Play & Stay (6130 Pkwy N Drive - Cumming, Ga)

Q: How much are the classes? Is there a discount for multiple dogs?
A: The Beginner Obedience training is $225 for the 5-week class series. We do our best to keep classes priced reasonably for all to be able to attend the training and do not have discounts for the group classes.

Q: What if it rains?
A: Fido's World has a 1600 sq. foot indoor training facility, however, Happy Dogs Play & Stay is outdoors. With Happy Dogs Play & Stay being outside there is higher chance of classes getting cancelled and/or rescheduled due to inclement weather. In the event class is cancelled, we will send an email and a text to the class roster.

Q: I’m interested in group classes- which one should I start with?
A: If you have a puppy between 8-12 weeks we recommend starting with the Online Puppy Class. After 12 weeks, your pup can start Beginner Obedience. Our group environments are completely different than what you may experience in home. They are full of distractions and other dogs and humans that will help your pup adjust to being confident with following commands in various environments. 

Q: What do I need to bring to class?
A: Bring your regular leash & collar and treats for rewards. Please no retractable leashes. 

Q: Can we make up classes we miss?
A: Yes, we can either catch you up in another class that is on the same progression as you. We can also make arrangements to go over a future class prior to the class that will be missed or come early to the next class to catch up. Simply email us to make arrangements. 

Q: We have two dogs- should we train them together or separately?
A: We have several families that train multiple dogs together but please note there needs to be one dog per handler to be effective. 

Q: Can we switch class location/time if our schedule changes?
A:  Yes, we can make arrangements if the class you would like to attend is not full.

Q: My dog is skittish or aggressive around others, do you have experience with this?
A: Yes, we have worked with many different pups in every size, shape, breed and demeanor. 

Q: My dog already knows some basic commands, can we skip the Beginner Obedience and go straight to Off Leash Training?
A: In order to attend Off Leash Training, your dog must attend and pass the Beginner Obedience Training.

Q: Can my kids come to class?
A: Yes, We do have families bring their kids, typically 6 years and older to help with the training and learn as well. 

Q: Our dog loves the treats you use in class, what brand are they?
A: Barkworthies, Stella & Chey’s, and Rawbble (available online and carried in the store at Fido’s World)

Q: We completed your Beginner Group Class and would like to do the Board & Train for the Off Leash portion, can we do that?
A: Yes, please email us to make arrangements. 

Q: How do we decide what is best for us- Group Classes or Board & Train?
A: This is definitely a very personal decision when taking into consideration of your time to train and the investment. If you would like to schedule a call to discuss or need more information, please email us.

Q: We want to start the Off Leash classes in a few weeks, can we go ahead and order the remote collar and get started at home?
A: Please do not. We will go over the instructions for the collar on the first day of class and the best techniques for slowly introducing it to your pup. It is very important that this is done in stages with clear and supervised instruction.

Q: Is there a class schedule and how do we get signed up?
A: Yes, an updated schedule can be found here. If you do not see the posted date when making a reservation, then that class is full.

Q: Are there discounts for multiple dogs?
A: We do not have discounts for multiple dogs but do offer a discounted rate on the Board & Train Program that you and your pup may qualify for if you have successfully completed the Beginner Obedience Classes. Please email us to inquire. 

Q: What age is best to start?
A: We recommend for the pups to be at least 4 months old prior to beginning their Board & Train.

Q: Can I come visit during the Board & Train?
A: No, visitors are not allowed, however, we do post photos of pups of pups on social media. 

Q: What time is drop off?
A: When you register we will provide you with drop off times.

Q: Do I need to purchase a remote collar?
A: No, it is included with the Board & Train.

Q: What if the training takes longer than 14 days?
A: The program is customized for every dog that we train. Some learn quickly and others may take more time. No news is good news and we will reach out once we are ready to schedule pick up date/time.

Q: What if we need to extend the boarding time past 14 days to accommodate our travel plans?
A: That is not a problem at all, just let us know at the time of reservation and we will make arrangements.
Who said it had to be all work and no play? Our pups enjoy lots of play and free time with every training session. Follow along on their adventure to #droptheleash 
Who said it had to be all work and no play? Our pups enjoy lots of play and free time with every training session. Follow along on their adventure to #droptheleash 
 6196 GA-400, Cumming, GA 30028